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Property Management

Instead of looking at Real Estate in a one dimensional manner, we take a very progressive and multidimensional view of Real Estate focusing on how we are going to maximize not just the rental income of a property but also how we are going align the Owner’s Estate Planning with the desires and wishes of the Owners for the next generation and at the same time minimizing tax liability and developing a growth strategy.

Silver: Structure & Tenants
Silver for Structure & Tenants: there are many Owners that simply want and need a Property Manager to collect rents and fix toilets. Their real estate portfolio is made up of properties that have been well managed, maintained and serviced. They actively manage their Estate Planning and Tax Strategies so the only piece of the puzzle that they need Our Services to do is the actual boots on the ground to manage Tenants, Maintenance Requests, Rent Units, Problem Solve, Capital Improvements, Collect Rents, Oversee Evictions, remodel units, and Bookkeeping & Accounting.

Often referred to as “Collect Rent & Fix Toilets.” Our Silver Level of Service focuses on the four corners of Your Real Property. Anything within those four corners, we take care of it.

As the Owner, we are intermediaries between you and your Rental Property taking your lead and direction on how you want your property managed, maintained and developed.

As part of our Silver Package we provide tenants and Owners access to our Online Portal which allows tenants to pay online as well as make maintenance requests and view their account/rental details online.
Turnaround Specialists

But some Properties need much more than just a maintenance program. There are some Properties that are in desperate need of organization.

In terms of organization we are referring to properties that have deadbeat tenants that are either not paying rent, overcrowded units beyond that of the rental agreement, drug dealing, and/ or hoarding. It can be any combination of these as once a property is not actively and property managed it goes into a downward spiral day after day destroying the peace and enjoyment of other good tenants paying rent and destroying the equity and economic stability of your investment property.

We have dealt with major issues of bed bug and roach infestations as well as deadbeat tenants and tenants that don’t even have leases. We have dealt with hoarders, parking areas that are out of control and problem tenants that need to be evicted because they are violating the terms of their lease and/or the property rules.

Most property managers don’t deal with these issues as their return on investment (the amount of money they make compared to how much time they invest in making that money) is not enough to dig deep into a property and truly recover it from its downward spiral.

Most property managers simply collect rents and fix toilets. Their response to bug infestation is a superficial fumigation plan where they get a kick back from the fumigation company. Their response to problem tenants is “pay the rent and we will leave you alone.”

We treat our Owner’s properties as if we treat our own properties. We know that a building that isn’t property maintained and bug free is not going to get the premium rents that it has the potential to obtain. If an apartment has bug problems and neighbor tenants that are out of control, a tenant is not going to want to pay premium rent. If an apartment has deferred maintenance issues such as electrical and structural problems, a tenant isn’t going to want to live there with their family. If a tenant doesn’t feel safe in the apartment because the neighbor tenants are involved in some kind of elicit behavior, then they aren’t going to want to pay premium rent for that unit.

As part of the downward spiral, rental values drop AFTER the value of the property drops. In other words, low rental values are a symptom of a deeper problem. At VistAmerica Property Management we address that deeper problem for our Owners just as we would with our own properties.

Again, our goal is to organize each rental property to a level of functionality that is beneficial to the Owners of the property as well as the tenants of the property. It is a mutual relationship that must be respected and maintained in order to reach the best short term and long term benefits of the property.

We have a long list of great Vendors that we have worked with in the past including but not limited to Contractors, plumbers, electricians, pest control, attorneys and accountants.

As part of our Silver Package we bring our rolodex of Vendors and our ability to find and vet new Vendors as this is an ongoing process.

We never collect kickbacks from Vendors as ultimately it is the Owner that pays for the kickback. As a result, we are constantly using different Vendors and shopping for the best prices and services just as we do for our own properties.

We have literally repaired foundations of buildings that are falling down. No job is too small or too big, we have dealt with it all.

For our Silver Service we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not a good fit for our philosophy, values and goals.

We don’t have set fees but determine a flat rate (no commissions based on repairs) specific for each portfolio. Please call Juan Carlos on his direct line at (818) 312-2240 or email at for a free evaluation.