Gold - Estate Planning Alignment


Estate Planning Alignment

Our Gold Level of Service (including the Silver level of service) expands our perspective on your Real Estate Portfolio considering not just the four corners of your Real Property but also an active and ongoing consideration of your Estate Planning needs.

Families are complicated and forever changing and growing. There are constant births and deaths which gravely impact estate planning needs, plans and strategies.

VistAmerica does not provide legal advice. VistAmerica provides ongoing personalized consulting and guidance on your Estate Planning so that when you do approach an attorney, you are able to best maximize her time because you understand your family and Real Estate needs.

If an Owner of a Real Estate Portfolio goes to an attorney for Estate Planning, how much time are they going to spend talking to the Owner and truly understanding the dynamics of not just their family but also the dynamics of their Real Estate holdings?

How much time is an attorney going to spend truly understanding the different personalities of your children and family members, the special needs and considerations of each? How much time are they going to invest in understanding your long term goals and strategies for your Portfolio?

The truth is that most Estate Planning attorneys will spend a few hours with you talking about your needs and plans for the future but for the most part they will not visit you at home, actually meet your family, go out and walk your properties. Why? Simply, they just don’t have the time. Their focus and their best investment of time is executing an Estate Plan.

A great Estate Planning Attorney is best at clearing title on the ownership of your properties, writing and packaging your Will and your Trust to best fit with your Health Care Directive and your Power of Attorney. Devising structures that will best help your heirs inherit your Real Estate Portfolio with the lowest tax liability possible.
At Vistamerica, our goal is to help you understand your options and strategies before you go talk to your Estate Planning attorney. Our goal is to meet your family, walk your properties and truly understand what is going on in your life so that we can help you devise the most simple and realistic approach to your Estate Planning needs before you go see an attorney.

Why? Because the reality of Estate Planning is that if it isn’t simple, it just is not going to work. Families are very complicated and in constant flux. We have seen Estate Plans that have the best intentions and provide incredible limitations and coordination but the bare bones fact is that the more complicated an Estate Plan the more likely it is going to be marred with disputes and litigation.

What is the use of an extensive (and expensive) Estate Plan if, when the times comes to implement it, it doesn’t work easily and efficiently? What is the use if there is so much acrimony between family members that it separates surviving members rather than bringing them together?

The truth is that developing a comprehensive Estate Plan needs to evolve and be developed just like a piece of Real Estate. There needs to be a short term strategy and a long term strategy taking into account special circumstances, special needs and special situations that are constantly changing and evolving.

With VistAmerica, we are personally connected with you and having ongoing conversations and discussions about your Estate Planning needs, about the best attorney or attorneys to accomplish those Estate Planning needs. We understand this problem because we have struggled and lived with it for the last 20 years. We understand the uniqueness of each family and each portfolio. It has taken us years and several attorneys to evolve our own understanding and our own goals of our family and our Real Estate for us to reach an Estate Plan that we finally feel truly and confidently address our needs.
With VistAmerica, we become personally invested with you and help you understand your family and your real estate and how to best pass it on to the next generation. We help evolve and build your Estate Plan so that it grows and evolves with your family and your Real Estate Portfolio.

Our Gold Service is a very exclusive concierge type service, so we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not a good fit for our philosophy, values and goals.

We don’t have set fees but determine a flat rate (no commissions based on repairs) specific for each portfolio. Please call Juan Carlos on his direct line at (818) 312-2240 or email at for a free evaluation.