VistAmerica is a one stop Property Management shop that provides you the options of service that grow and evolve with your specific needs and goals.

We are highly experienced with over 40 years in the real estate business. We treat your Portfolio and your Real Estate as if it were our Real Estate. In other words we look out for your properties in the short and long term. We make sure your properties are being properly maintained and managed so that they are not only a benefit to your Tenants but also a constant source of revenue for you and your kids, your grandkids and for many generations to come.  
Our Philosophy
We believe in Real Estate! We believe the best investment and the best return on your money over time and the best retirement plan is Real Estate.

We believe once purchased and properly managed (maintenance and tenants, estate planning, tax strategies) that Real Estate can provide life long and generational revenue.

We believe that we are stewards of Real Estate. That we are responsible not just for an investment and a structure but also for the housing of individuals, friends, couples and families. We believe that if we do our job, that our Real Estate will benefit our tenants and us forever.
Our Values
Real Estate is a business that requires discipline and leadership. There must be a focus on the whole picture (short term management and long term growth) not just fixing toilets and collecting rents. Investment in proper maintenance and capital improvements is a must. Respectful and responsible management of tenants must be balanced with respectful and responsible tenants. It is a brave new world full of regulations and oversight; cutting corners, unpermitted improvements and tax evasion are short sighted and can destroy your holdings over time. Humility in knowing that people’s homes and lives depend on our doing our job properly.
Our Goals

  1. Organize properties structurally
  2. Organize tenants as per rental agreements and applicable laws
  3. Organize Estate Planning
  4. Organize Tax Strategies
  5. Stabilize and Maximize Income
  6. Develop and Execute a Growth Strategy

We don’t have set fees but determine a flat rate (no commissions based on repairs) specific for each portfolio. Please call Juan Carlos on his direct line at (818) 312-2240 or email at JC@VistAmerica.com for a free evaluation.