Portfolio Management & Tax Srategies

Our Platinum Service (includes the Silver and Gold level services) is truly for Portfolio Owners that want full service attention and can benefit from a very experienced third party perspective on how to maximize their Real Estate Portfolio in regards to tax strategies but also growth strategies.

This is our most personal service where we make you part of our family because we do for you everything we do for our own family. Whenever you need professional services, you call us.

We are a one stop shop. We help address any issue that becomes an issue to you. Are you having problems with your home air conditioning service? Are you getting the best rates on your auto insurance or umbrella policy? How much life insurance do you need? Are you dealing with handicap issues? Do you need a nurse? Do you need help getting the best health insurance? Do you have to remodel your bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair? Do you need to incorporate your different properties to protect against law suits?

In addition, we meditate extensively on how to legally minimize your tax burden and how to grow your portfolio for the next generation. We spend time with you, we break bread together, we get to know you and discuss with you the many options and ideas of how to grow and evolve your portfolio. We share with you our perspectives and strategies that we have developed over many years of being in the business. We understand that your life and your needs are unique and require a unique perspective and totally customized approach and strategy that fits your personality and your needs.

Our Platinum Service is a very exclusive concierge type service. We have very few clients for which we provide this relationship. As the Platinum Service is inherently personal, it requires a fit that is not necessarily possible with every client so we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not a good fit for our philosophy, values and goals.

We don’t have set fees but determine a flat rate (no commissions based on repairs) specific for each portfolio. Please call Juan Carlos on his direct line at (818) 312-2240 or email at JC@VistAmerica.com for a free evaluation.