Comparison Chart

Lease Units as Needed Either Directly or with Local Broker
Maintenance and Repair, Manage Insurance Claims, and Contractors at No Additional Fee
Collect Rent, Tenant Portals for Online Payments, Payment History and Repair Requests
Owner Portals for Monthly or Quarterly Reports as Requested.
Personally Discuss Client Estate Issues, Concerns and Needs
Coordinate and streamline all insurance polices (Property, Renters, Tenant, Business, Commercial Auto, Boat, Etc...), in order to maximize coverage and minimize costs, gaps and overlaps.
Match Client with Local Estate Planning Attorney
Continually Update Estate Planning Needs by Coordinating with Clients and Attorney
Create Personalize Tax Strategy for Client to Best Manage Tax Liabilities. Proper Entity Formation, Review and Updates.
Lead Coordination between the Client, the Tax Attorney and the CPA to best Accomplish Tax Liability Goals within the Law
Complete Global Alignment between the Real Estate Portfolio, the Estate Planning and Tax Planning to Accomplish Individual, Family and Generational Estate Goals. Portfolio Investment Performance Analysis and review of short and long term goals for following year and beyond.
Annual Title Search of All Properties to Confirm Proper Title on All Real Estate Holdings. Annual Review of Estate Planning Alignment and Updates. End of Year Folder with All Significant Documents.